Become a Dealer - and your customer, a product designer...

Right in your location, the customer get started designing his personal accessoires

Individually hand rigged bracelets and smartphone necklaves

You would like to offer your customers customizable accessories off the mainstream? You run a company with run or fest customer and looking for a salesman parallel to their core assortment? Then sails with `ANCORD - customizable sailing accessories', maybe the missing puzzle piece in your portfolio ...

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Sailcloth and stainless steel accessories - The customer designs his favorite product directly at the point of sale.

Surprise your customers with high-quality sailing accessories for your own design. Bracelets, mobile phone chains, key fobs and sunglasses bands are made by the customer from different components according to his own Taste, directly in your location together and receives after a few days, the individual hand rigged accessory.

Depending on the product, the customer combines storm - tested sailcloth, in various colors, strengths and designs with seawater resistant boat fittings, to a stylish accessory with a personal signature. The design and ordering process of the customer is supported by an intuitive POS presentation board (product configurator) and an app (for mobile or PC) on your device. Does the customer have his desired accessory put together, the order is conveniently made via the app. The subsequently rigged by hand sailing bag accessory goes after a few days, packed in a high-quality gift box, in the shipping to you or directly to the address of your customer.

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Individual Products on Demand - Less effort and costs for the dealer

The production of individual sailing accessories on demand (individualized individual production when ordering) not only gives the customer great pleasure over a self-designed product, even the dealer in its location profits from this business model through higher turnovers and less costs and efforts than comparable articles bring with it. Thus, for example, eliminates all costs and processes for product purchasing, storage and storage on the part of the dealer, since neither products purchased by him still have to be traded in any form. Furthermore, almost the entire sales process is handled by the customer via Pos-Board in-house, only the Ordering is done by the sales staff via a cell phone or PC app.

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hand rigged in Hamburg

Sailcloth accessories made of storm-proof rope and seawater-resistant boat fittings

Product configurator

your personal sales assistent at the POS


Customer designs his individual product by simply combining the components ...


Intuitive POS board guides the customer through the creation and purchase process ....


Low effort for sales staff through app-based order process...

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Business on Demand - No capital tie-up due to stored products, no storage requirements ...

How It Works

Product configurator, app and ordering process in detail

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Customizable Products

Personalized products that involve the customer in the design process of the article, are very trendy and increasingly find their way into the Product portfolio of established brands and brand manufacturers. Almost all `Customized Products` are distributed across manufacturers and in unison via the Internet or apps and created.

Individually customizable products have so far barely found their way into stationary retail.

Over 95% of all personalizable products are exclusively developed, created and distributed via the Internet.

There are different reasons for this, but most of the complex production, logistics and transaction processes associated with the production of customized products are responsible for the stationary distributor So far, it has hardly been possible to offer these innovative and high-revenue products to its customers.

We want to use this imbalance in order to open up new customer segments via stationary trading or suitable locations. It is both end customers and dealers with an uncomplicated To address configuration vehicles at the point of sale, which portrays, executes and displays the necessary design and payment processes in a user-friendly way. In order to meet these requirements, product presentation and subsequent logistics and transaction processes were consolidated in an elegant `POS concept`. The concept consists of a POS presentation board (product configurator), which allows the customer his To design articles according to your own desire (bracelets, mobile phone chains, lanyards, etc.) and an app that captures this process, initiates the production of the article, and processes and documents the payment. In case of growing curiosity, contact us

Sailing Gear - Accessoires

Customers desiggn - rigged by hand in Hamburg

Smartphone Necklaces

The smartphone safely lashes ...

ab € 24.95



Maritime Statements styled by you...

ab € 9.95


Key Chains

Nautical ropes and seawater-proof stainless steel

ab € 9.95

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Leashes for Sunglasses

The next summer must-have

ab € 9.95

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Sailing Ropes - individuelly hand rigged

Touch &

High quality materials and endless possibilities. Product haptics is often buying criteria and together with the customer's integration into the product design process, responsible for a sustainable buying experience.

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If the customer has put together his desired product on the POS board, the order process is conveniently carried out via the app which the dealer calls via his mobile phone or PC. The order will now be produced and shipped to dealers or directly to the customer!

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Consumer & Designer

Cutomized Products - Customer loyalty through interaction

Three out of four consumers have ever bought an individualized product or can imagine it very well. You are also willing to pay extra for such items. This is especially true for high quality products

Consumer Barometer - KPMG und IFH Köln


"Man's search for individuality has reached the mass market."

Piller, F. / Ihl, Christoph

(2002) Mythos Mass Customization

At the center of personalized products is interaction with the customer. This becomes through its participation in the value creation process of a passive consumer to a pro-active prosumer

Toffler, A.


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