Terrific-Tubes: Designer Lamps...
TERRIFIC-TUBES is a clip system for designer lamps and vases. Inside each lamp shade (or vase), Glass-Tubes (test tubes made of extreme robust laboratory glass) are connected by special clips. The clip-connected Glass-Tubes could be moved in different desired lamp shade shapes by simply twisting and bending them.
Via inserting transparent (clear) or translucent (opac) wallpapers (special foils for back light applications) into the Glass-Tubes, colour and design of the lamp shades could be easily changed and customized by the customers. In our web shop, you find wallpapers in several colours and printed with over 190 terrific design styles.
Furthermore you could also submit a graphic design invented by yourself or a photo taken with your digicam. We print your picture in high resolution quality on your unique designer lamp. Send us a photo of your darling, a holiday picture or a self made Photoshop graphic – everything is possible.


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